Share my contact data with ISC service providers

To optimize your exhibiting presence, you can make use of additional services such as logistics, booth building, booth catering, booth cleaning, booth security and other services offered by official ISC service providers. To this end, and provided you consent, we would like to forward your data to our partners. Prometeus GmbH has carefully selected such third-party service providers.

Please note that in order to place orders with the ISC venue, Hamburg Messe, and to create an account for their online exhibitor services shop, you are required to fill out this form.

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Please consent to sharing this information with the official ISC service providers by checking this box:
I agree that PROMETEUS GmbH collects and transfers the following data (name of the exhibiting organization, website of the exhibiting organization, address of the exhibiting organization, VAT no, first name of the contact person, last name of the contact person, salutation of the contact person (Mr./Ms./Mx.), email address of the contact person, phone number of the contact person) to the company that manages the facilities of the venue, booth building and logistics partners for the purpose of these companies offering their services. I understand and agree that Prometeus GmbH is not liable for these third party service providers’ abiding by privacy and data protection laws. I understand and consent that agreeing to these services is not mandatory.

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